Blast from the past: some of my old interviews

Game Junkie 2.0 is constantly evolving, a changing work in progress that is always being tweaked when and where I think it needs improvement. That’s while you’ll see changes from time to time, as I refine it into a better blog. It’ll also evolve as I learn more about WordPress and see just what it’s capable of.

The other day, I was looking through some of the many stories that I’ve written over the years, some of the cool developers I’ve spoken to,  and thought I’d share some of my favourites interview with you.

Being a video game writer gives you the chance to talk to people in the games industry that most people don’t get the chance to so I thought I’d post some of my past interviews in .pdf form, complete with pay layout so you can see how they looked when they were published.

I’ve spoken to a few great game developers both in person or over the phone about games such as Alan Wake, Killzone2 and one of my favourites, Evan Wells, from Naughty Dog, about Uncharted 2.

I’ve spoken to Charles Martinet, who is the voice of Nintendo’s mascot, Mario, and to Jonathan Hawkins  and Bruno Velasquez, who both worked on God of War 3. I’ve also spoken to musician Module about his work on Sidhe’s great PSN game, Shatter, and Curtis Creamer from Bungie about Halo.

Also, here some recent reviews that I’ve run in The Press, also in .pdf form: L.A. Noire and hands-on with The Darkness 2 (I’ve already run my Duke Nukem Forever preview here but here it is in visual form). Let me know what you think.

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