inFamous 2: letting the bad me come out

In my review of inFamous 2 I open with the dilemma facing the game’s hero, Cole McGrath not long after he arrives in New Marais: do I get him to zap the street performer sitting before him with lightning, as Zeke suggests, or do I let him continue beating his upturned paint tin, unhindered by me?

At first, I let him live. He’s just trying to make a living for himself, right?  ‘Just trying to make a quick buck in the mean streets of New Marais while militia soldiers and ravagers  wander about the place, ripping stuff up’ – but after a while, as I stood there, the continual “tappity, tappity, tappity” just got on my nerves. So I fried him – and all as many of his buddies I could find as I guided McGrath around New Marais: the guys playing paint-tin drums on the street corners, the rooftop saxophonists, the people who pretend they’re statues. I zapped them and didn’t feel bad about it at all. I’m probably doing a public service, actually.

That was the only time I really went bad in inFamous 2 as I finished the game with the good ending (there are two to choose from) but it got me thinking: inFamous 2  lets you unleash the inner bad if you’re normally a good person. I mean, I wouldn’t normally attack a street performer with lightning. Really, I wouldn’t: I probably just either ignore them or drop in a few coins if the hat if I liked what they were playing.

inFamous 2 lets me reveal a side of me that doesn’t normally see the light of day.

And it’s not just me that’s being a little bad when playing as Cole McGrath. My son’s playing through the game as well and I noticed while I was typing this an orange glow emanating from Cole McGrath’s finger tips – indicating that my son is edging towards the bad side of things.

I liked that about inFamous 2 – it gives you the chance to dabble a little on the bad side while still be a goodie if you wanted to – and while whether you’re good or bad throughout the main missions doesn’t matter when the big decision came near the end of the game –  the fact that you could do a bit of both in the lead up to the finale was pretty satisfying.

In my next play through of inFamous 2 I’m going evil all the way. inFamous 2 lets me do that.

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