Now, the news: no, it’s just some game reviews

It’s mid-week so I thought I’d post some rather lengthy, text-heavy game reviews that I’ve done over the past two weeks – but then I had a brain wave: why don’t I just post the .pdfs of the pages containing my game reviews.

So I have. This way they’re easier to read and you get a bit of visual flair, as well.

Here you’ll find last week’s page, which featured reviews of Dirt 3 and iPod Touch game Mighty Finn from Wellington i-device developer, Launching Pad Games, and this week’s page, which included a review of the PlayStation 3 exclusive inFamous 2, Dead or Alive Dimensions and a story about Game Jam South, a 48-hour game event being held in July,  and the Winnitron NZ, a New Zealand-made version of the Winnitron 1000.

They’re a little on the large side so may take a few moments to open.



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