Well Played podcast episode nine: the about time edition

It’s been a long time between posts for Game Junkie 2.0 so apologies about that, but what we me heading to Dunedin last week then being in charge of production – and seemingly writing much of this week’s edition – of  The Press’ Box tabloid for the past four weeks it’s been a hectic few weeks.

I played few games over the past couple of weeks, apart from replaying EA’s Mirror’s Edge and some Bastion (XBLA) so for your listening pleasure here is the latest edition of Well Played podcast , the New Zealand-based gaming podcast featuring myself and fellow gaming journos  Julie  Gray (@GamecultureNZ), Siobhan  Keogh (@SiobhanKeoghNZ),  Aylon Herbet (@Aylon133) and Chris Leggett (@Leggetron).

In this week’s episode, which is episode nine,  Siobhan and Julie talk about their time with PlayStation 3-exclusive game Resistance 3, we argue which console has the best exclusives, we discuss whether Nintendo’s star is beginning to fade after poor 3DS sales and why do games based on movies generally suck.

I’ve listened to it and the only criticism that I can say is that it’s obvious that I’m talking over Skype while the others are in a room together so hopefully you don’t find it too bad.

Once again, if you’ve got any feedback leave a comment – good or bad.


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