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Kaiser Baas Game Recorder: it’s pretty cool

One of the cooler gadgets I’m assessing at the moment is Kaiser Baas’ Series 8 Game Recorder – an amazing little piece of kit that lets you record gameplay footage from a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii.

It’s about half the size of a ball point pen but has a USB connection at one end, that slots into a free USB port on computer, and on the other end has three RCA connections: red, white and blue which you plug your console into (you need to use an RCA connection not HDMI). What you do is plug the Game Recorder into your computer, connect the RCA connections to your console’s RCA connections, turn your console on, click the Game Recorder icon on your desktop and voila: your console’s dashboard image appears on your computer monitor.

Recording is a one-button affair as is stopping and it saves the file as .avi files, which you can edit in CyberLink’s video editing software. It records in high (720×480, 720×576, 60 frames per second), medium (720×480, 720×576, 30 frames per second) and low (360×240, 360×288) resolution at aspect ratios of either 16:9 or 4:3.

I’m impressed, to be honest, and can see the Game Recorder being a great tool in an upcoming project that I’ve got planned with a colleague at work.

Anyway, I intended uploading some footage I captured from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood using the Game Recorder – but typically my internet upload speed was so ridiculously slow that it crapped out at almost 100%. So I gave up.

Here’s Tuesday’s chat with Glenn “Wammo” Williams where I reviewed Batman Arkham City instead. Enjoy it.

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