Game Junkie chats with Radio Wammo: the “do I need my haircut?” edition

It’s Tuesday which means it’s the day I chat gaming with Glenn “Wammo” Williams and today we talked about the imminent dashboard update for the Xbox 360 (it was due to be available for New Zealand Xbox 360 owners sometime tonight)

I’m hoping that the update, which brings the new Metro user interface to the Xbox 360 (the same one used in Windows Phone 7 and coming to Windows 8), will arrive tonight so I can put it through its paces. I saw a list of all the TV content the Americas and Europe are geting then saw what New Zealand was getting and …  it’s a little disappointing, when I think about it. We’re getting YouTube later this month and then something called MLB.TV in 2012 but that’s not much.

Now, I’m assuming that MLB is Major League Baseball. Really? I’m sure the ex-pat Americans now living in New Zealand will be excited about that. Me? Not so much.

The update brings better voice commands so it means I can now say Rid Did Ridimption (a running joke between Wammo and myself is my supposed pronunciation of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption as heard by some Americans during a review of the game.)

Lastly, my daughter reckons that I should have had a haircut before today’s segment with Wammo. Do you agree? (If I’m being honest I’m due to get a pre-Christmas haircut anyway but it’s hard trying to find a free appointment these days). My hair is looking a little messy, to be honest.

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