Trailer bonanza: Resident Evil 6

Things are fairly quiet at the moment so here’s a little bit of Resident Evil news to put some excitement into your Monday night (well, it’s Monday night for us here in New Zealand but it could be Sunday somewhere else).

Resident Evil fans rejoice, Capcom have released a trailer for Resident Evil 6, the next console game in the survival horror series.

The game, coming out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3,  is due  in November and is rumoured to feature six-player co-op and takes place 10 years after the original Resident Evil.

The game features Chris Redfield and Leon S Kennedy as the game’s main heroes.

In completely unrelated news, I’ve been playing the Resident Evil  Revelations demo on the 3DS. It’s pretty good, and I’m not even that scared while I’m playing it either.

So, who’s excited about RE6 then?

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