Local startup wants gamers to connect

Connecting gamers: The Leaping TIger team want gamers to interact more.

Connecting gamers: The Leaping TIger team want gamers to interact more.

Wellington-based start-up company Leaping Tiger are working on a social media platform for gamers – where like-minded players can connect and interact.

But rather than me try to explain what’s going on, I’ll let Leaping TIger’s Creative Director Amy Potter explain through the power of the internet (and this YouTube video) exactly what it’s all about.

Take it away, Amy …

Thanks, Amy.

Leaping Tiger’s CEO Jordan Lilley describes the social media platform they’re creating as “a cross between LinkedIn and Tinder, for the gaming community” and it will be a place where gamers can call home.

Leaping Tiger members create their own unique Player ID on the website, which then displays all their gaming tags, usernames and handles in one place.  Player IDs are then used to connect gamers based on factors such as games, interests and location.

Amy says the ultimate goal of Leaping Tiger is to “get everyone interacting and gaming together across all platforms so if you want someone to play with right now, within seconds you can find someone and within minutes you can be playing”.

Once they’ve signed up and Leaping Tiger is fully operational, members will be able to join and create specialised communities, making it easy to manage events or raid groups. Players can even upload their gaming related Twitch highlights or YouTube channel videos.

It’s hoped that the website is up-and-running by early next year but as an incentive for sign-ups, Leaping Tiger is encouraging people to get in early to secure their LT username by entering those that register before December, 2014 into a draw for a PlayStation 4 prize bundle.

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