Burn, baby, burn: Just Cause 3 is real

One of the most endearing memories I have from the game Just Cause 2 (I think it was Just Cause 2) is using a grappling gun to attach to the rooftop of a car then deploy a parachute, letting my character just paraglide above all the chaos below.

At least, I think that was Just Cause 2. If it wasn’t it’s a game I want to play.

I suspect we’ll be able to do similar things in Just Cause 3, the next game in the series from Avalanche¬†Studios. You can see at the very end of the trailer – which is more just announcing the game rather than showcasing gameplay, which is a little sad – our hero Rico Rodriques wearing a glide suit (that’s what they’re called, right?)

Oh, the soundtrack to the trailer is a rather cool version of The Prodigy’s Firestarter. Very cool indeed.

Shiftlings: a weird colourful world

I’ve no ¬†idea what the game Shiftlings is about – and the first time I actually knew it existed was when Activision sent this video the other day.

It seems you play two work colleagues tethered together by an air hose and must work together to survive the perils of Zomegacorp. It seems bright and colourful, and a co-op game, but does have “suggestive themes and course humour” apparently. You have been warned.

So, here’s the video. It’s apparently part 4. I don’t even remember seeing parts one to three. Does it sound like your cup of tea?