Gravity Rush Remastered: When going upside down helps a lot

cutscene09Gravity Rush first appeared on Sony’s PS Vita handheld console and it made great use of the handheld’s touch screen and tilt capabilities to guide the game’s heroine Kat around a city called Hekseville, under siege by an alien race called the Nevi.

Central to the game is Kat’s ability to manipulate gravity – a power that is given to her early in the game by a mysterious black kitten that she comes across while exploring the city. Kat can manipulate gravity to fly through the air, walk on walls and ceilings and do flying attacks against the Nevi.

Gravity Rush was the perfect game for the PS Vita, thanks to its touch screen and on the PS4 it makes the most of that consoles tilt controls and while the move to the PS4 retains the things that made the handheld version good, it still suffers from the repetitive and tedious combat, especially when battling some of the game’s large boss battles. The boss battle against a Nevi that resembles an octopus which spins its tentacles, revealing its weak spot, provide frustrating in the Vita version for me, and it proved as equally frustrating in the PS4 version.


The magical black cat that gives heroine Kat her ability to manipulate gravity in Gravity Rush.

Bluepoint Games, the development studio that also did the work on the excellent Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection for the PS4, has done an excellent job creating Gravity Rush for the PS4 and this new version comes with all the DLC and extra content of the Vita version.

Despite its charming cel-shaded visuals and repetitive combat, Gravity Rush is a fun game but having played it on the PS Vita first, for me, Gravity Rush remains better suited to the PS Vita than the PS4.




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