No Man’s Sky: Survive

PlayStation have released the last trailer in its four-part series: Explore, Fight, Trade, Survive in the lead up to No Man’s Sky coming out on August 10.

The new trailer, Survive, show you’ll face not only deadly creatures and toxins but extremes in temperature. Here it is here:

There’s still a lot of uncertainty about No Man’s Sky, a lot of questions about what do you actually do apart from just flying from planet to planet, scanning the world and discovering stuff. They’re valid questions and the universe is so big the chances of actually running into another player are slim. I’ve said it before: No Man’s Sky is either going to be amazing or people will play it for a few weeks then get bored with it and move on.

What are your thoughts?

I haven’t actually done a lot of gaming lately, apart from completing the Gary Busy elusive target mission in Hitman, which, to be honest, was far too easy and over far too quickly but I have been playing around with Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S, which is a hybrid tablet/notebook running Windows 10.

While it’s not a gaming device, it does let you stream Xbox One content to its HD screen which is nice if you can’t use the TV your Xbox Once console is connected to because someone is watching TV.  Look out for a review soon.


4 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky: Survive

  1. To be honest, I can’t answer that question but I imagine the single player campaign is the focus here ahead of MP. I’ve heard mention that you’ll might be able to see where any PSN friends are on the galactic map so maybe you can try and meet at the same point? It’s certainly not going to be MP in the traditional sense, though, where everyone starts in the same lobby and wanders the same map. This isn’t an MMO.

    • I can’t see why as although it has some form of MP component (how that works I’m not 100 per cent sure), it’s not a traditional multiplayer game. Until I’ve worked out otherwise, I’m think of No Man’s Sky as pretty much a single player game first and foremost.

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