Why I’m not buying an Xbox One X right now

Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One X, launches next week – November 7, I think – and by all accounts, it’s a powerful machine that will swing the “most powerful console in the world” title back to Microsoft – but I’m not buying one, at least not yet.

I’m not buying an Xbox One X for several reasons.

Firstly, my current Xbox One sits unused most of the time. It does. I turned it on most recently for Cuphead (which, frankly, I didn’t like that much) and Forza 7, but before that, I hadn’t used it since Gears of War 4. That’s a long time to be collecting dust. The most used console in my house? The Nintendo Switch, thanks to games like Super Mario Odyssey, Death Squared, and Mario Kart 8. For me, the Switch is the killer console of the year, despite being woefully underpowered when put alongside the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Secondly, I don’t own a 4K TV – and I’m not planning on buying one anytime soon – so I’m not going to get the visual boost the Xbox One X offers. Frankly, I have bigger priorities for my money and a new TV isn’t one of them. I’ll happily make do with my 1080p HD TV, thanks until it becomes obsolete, like the CRT, and I’m forced to replace it.

Probably the biggest reason I’m not buying an Xbox One X yet, though, is the lack of exclusive games that make the console a must buy. For me, it’s fine having kick-arse hardware but what’s the point of showing off games – granted they’ll look prettier and run better on the beefed up Xbox One X – that I’ve already played on my other consoles? I don’t want to fork out $700+ on a new console only to play games that I already played on a console that I don’t play enough as it is. I want to play new franchises on my shiny new piece of hardware not games that I’ve already put countless hours into.

Microsoft is touting how many “Xbox One X enhanced” games will received updates for its new console but frankly, I don’t want updates for old games just so they look better and run faster: I want fresh new games. I want games that were developed specifically for a new console and games that I can’t find on a competitor’s platform. Besides, if a game was average to start with, displaying it in 4K with HDR isn’t going to make it a better game now, is it? And Backwards Compatibility support is really great but again, it’s just playing games I’ve already played on a new console.

To me, Microsoft should be launching the Xbox One X with one or two “Xbox One X only” titles that serve as a powerful carrot to potential buyers, games that trumpet to people “Hey, look at these two games. You can’t find them on any other console. They really show how powerful the Xbox One X is.” I think Microsoft made a mistake in not having a least a couple of exclusive titles to entice new buyers to the Xbox One family.

If you bought the Xbox One S, an upgrade over the original Xbox One, I don’t see any point in upgrading to the Xbox One X but if you don’t own an Xbox One console and want to see what console gaming is all about then I’d say the One X is perfect for you and the right place to start.

Maybe I’m missing the point of the Xbox One X, or maybe I’m not the target market for it, and I’ll be keeping an eye on the Xbox One X, but until I’m convinced it has must-play, exclusive games that I  can’t find on any other platform, I won’t be forking out the cash for Microsoft’s new console, even if it is the “most powerful” in the world. just yet.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m not buying an Xbox One X right now

  1. Totally with you on this one Gerard, have zero motivation and no disposable cash. I’ll probably get the TV first and then stick with whatever iteration Playstation are at by then.

  2. That’s my feeling. I want to showcase exclusive games on a new piece of shiny hardware: Not replay games I’ve already played before or games that are also on the competitors platform. PlayStation just seems to have more exclusives, too.

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