Wacom Cintiq Pro tablet review

Wacom is one of the leaders when it comes to graphic tablets and with the Cintiq Pro 16, it has brought a 4K display to the table.

I have to admit I mistakenly thought that the Cintiq Pro 16-inch graphic tablet was a standalone drawing tablet, meaning I thought it was like, say, an iPad that I could draw onto directly and didn’t need to be connected to a computer. Boy, How wrong I was.

The first problem I encountered was that the Cintiq Pro needs a thunderbolt connection to work, which means I couldn’t use it on my desktop PC, which I had wanted to do. Luckily, my 2014 MacBook Pro had the required connection so I used that instead.

I was really surprised at how many cables there were, to be honest: It looked like spaghetti junction between the tablet and the MacBook as I had to use the supplied mini-display/USB adapter as my MacBook didn’t have any USB type C connections, which is something the Cintiq Pro 16 relies on heavily. Once everything was connected, I downloaded some drawing software and got stuck in. The Cintiq Pro 16 is a high-definition display with a touch sensitive screen, letting you draw directly onto the screening using either your finger or the supplied stylus. Shut the lid of your computer, and your desktop appears on the tablet, letting you open apps and programs.

I was really impressed with the build quality of the Cintiq Pro 16: It’s solidly built from high-quality materials and has a high-end feel to it. The glass screen has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, so it means it’s capable of display a 4K image so for digital artists, that means this is a top-notch screen. The Wacom comes with two metal “feet” that pop out, letting your rest it upright at, oh, about 20 degrees. It’s way more comfortable to use in that position than lying flat on a table or counter.

At the top of the screen are four buttons, which let you change the functions of the stylus/pen. Talking of the pen, I found it really responsive and accurate. It has two buttons which you can use as right or left click when you’re using it in mouse mode.

Overall, the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 is a great tablet if you’re a digital artists but one downside is the reliance on USB-C for its connection: If you don’t have USB-C connections then you’ll have to put up with a mess of cables between tablet and computer. Priced between $2050 and $26100 in NZ (depending on where you shop), the Cintiq Pro 16 isn’t cheap so it’s  not something you’re going to buy just to doddle on from time to time. This is for serious artists and professional creatives.

For those people, the Cintiq Pro 16 is going to be a welcome addition to your digital workspace. I can see this aimed at professional workspaces rather than budding artists just starting out.

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