Bite-sized review: The Division 2 -Good times but better with mates

The Division 2, a squad-based shooter that takes place in a rather snazzy virtual recreation of Washington, DC, is a shooter that is best enjoyed with mates.

Sadly for me, though, I have the game on PlayStation 4 & don’t have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, which means I can’t play online games with mates, so as a single-player game, The Division 2 is less enjoyable. It’s still fun but not as enjoyable as a traditional single player campaign.

The Division 2 is an online-always game so when I say it’s single-player campaign, I mean that you can play the game’s online world on your own [ie as a single player] and if you pause, the game still carries on around you. Also, you can’t save your game where you like, so if you quit the game, you go back to the last checkpoint, which is usually at the beginning of a main objective.

I didn’t really get into the original Division: I liked it but I found I lost interest quickly. With this sequel it’s good to see that Ubisoft has built on the foundations of the first game, making Number two a really solid cover-based shooter where enemies will flank you and lay down the hurt as you try to breach inner city Washington’s run down, post-apocalyptic environment, now controlled by powerful gangs.

The better you do in your fight against your enemies, the more XP you unlock, which can be used to upgrade your skills and stock up on neat gadgets that can help turn the tide in your favour. Gadgets include things like a ballistic shield and a seeker mine but a particular favourite of mine is the briefcase turret that you can fling to a vantage point to provide covering fire. Helpful, too, is a drone that packs a serious amount of fire power, again invaluable in providing suppressing fire as you press forward.

Look, fans of squad-based shooters that can band together a solid team with online friends will delight in The Division 2’s game world and its myriad options for strategically taking out the bad guys as they delve deeper and deeper into the intricately detailed world, but players who can’t muster up a squad, or want an actual, traditional single player campaign, might not find as much to shout about.

Thanks to Five Eight distribution for the PlayStation 4 review code for The Division 2.


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