Stories Untold: horror without the blood & guts

The opening credits to Stories Untold, an interactive horror game from developer No Code (one of the team worked on Alien Isolation and No Code was behind the very excellent space thriller Observation), screams old school adventure games and Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Even the intro music has hints of Stranger Things (not surprisingly, the artist behind the game poster and logo was an artist on Stranger Things) and the opening adventure in the four-part series, The House Abandon, took me back to the days of my Sinclair ZX Spectrum, right down to recreating the classic Spectrum loading screen – with the modem squeals and the data lines slowly revealing a picture.

Set in the 1980s and made up of four short episodes – The aforementioned House Abandon, The Lab Conduct, The Station Process and The Last Session – all appear separate but it soon becomes clear the further you progress that they’re very much interconnected. Stories Untold is unsettling at times but not in your face jump scares.

The House Abandon opens innocently enough: “You pull up to the driveway of the family holiday home & park the car …” but the deeper you go, you soon realise that all is not what it seems in this once happy family home and something very wrong is going on here.

Played out in the style of an old school text adventure, the first episode has you using commands like look, use, read and open to perform actions: Open door, use gun, look at book, read note, flick switch. It’s incredibly atmospheric.

The Lab Conduct has you perform scientific experiments on a strange artifact known only as “23”, The Station Process takes place in an Arctic monitoring station and The Last Session reveals that all is not what it seems.

All four episodes do a fantastic job of creating unease and tension without relying on in-your-face scares. I played the game on Nintendo Switch – it’s also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – and the only gripe I had was although you can zoom into the text field using ZL, I still had to squint a bit to read some of the text (something that is a common problem on the Nintendo Switch).

Bottom line is, fans of text adventures, shows like Stranger Things and No Code’s Observation will be in for a real treat with Stories Untold. It shows how good writing can create tension and atmosphere without the need for graphic horror.

Big thanks to Devolver Digital’s Australian PR team Doug & Jayden for the game code – and for suggesting I give it a crack.

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