Welcome to GamejunkieNZ 2.0

Hi there. Thanks for visiting. If you’ve come here after reading my articles on Fairfax NZ’s http://www.stuff.co.nz, welcome back. If you’re a new comer, welcome. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a hot drink and stay a while.

This blog, while in its infancy at the moment, is designed to work separately to my GamejunkieNZ blog on Stuff: it’s for all the topics, articles and content that I don’t have space for in our hardcopy publication or my other blog. I also want it to be edgier than my Stuff blog.

It’s an outlet for my opinions, thoughts and ramblings on the state of the game industry and the people working in it. It will change and evolve over time. It’s a work in progress.
You’ll see there are no images or even articles at the moment: they will appear over the coming days. So, come back and see what’s happening.

At the moment (obviously not right at this precise moment) I’m taking part in the “Family and Friends” beta period for Gears of War 3.

It’s fun – and that’s coming from a gamer who hasn’t played Gears for two years – but frustrating at the same time: very few people are on the servers at the moment. There were only two real, live people in my region playing this morning. Only something like 1000 worldwide, so most of the games – when you finally connect to the servers – are populated by bots.

However, things will no doubt change dramatically when owners of the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm come on board on April 18 and then people who have pre-ordered GOW3 are able to join in on April 25. Hopefully matches won’t be so hard to find then.

Anyone else playing the beta at the moment or planning on it? What are your thoughts so far: are Epic onto a winner or is it more of the same in your eyes?
Happy gaming.

1 thought on “Welcome to GamejunkieNZ 2.0

  1. Hi,

    You are for comments

    It looks like you are missing out tags, which search engines like.

    You need to break up the big blocks of texts with sub titles

    All the best Steve @HouseSell

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