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That’s me on the left with a Cosplayer from the 2008 Tokyo Game Show.

This blog has evolved a bit over the past year or so. When I was a tech writer for a major newspaper, it used to be that I’d clamber over every review code that I could then write a review – just like thousands of other bloggers and writers. Now, I’d rather write about the stuff I want to, on my own terms, rather than be tied to the norm. I’m also into mountain biking in a big way now, so want to start incorporating that into my blog more, too.

I don’t want to do news stories too much, or regurgitate press releases from corporations – there are plenty of other sites for all stuff. The blog is a place where I jot down my thoughts and review games, thanks to the support of some of my PR chums who have stuck by me (namely at Xbox NZ and PlayStation NZ).

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand (yep, the city that was devastated by a major earthquake in February, 2011) and in what seems a lifetime ago, I was a newspaper journalist with the city’s major newspaper up until August, 2014, when some bean counter decided that mine writing position and those of some of my experienced colleagues weren’t worth having and we faced “disestablished””.

I decided to take severance and in hindsight, it was the best decision I’d made. Plus, I’d been there for just over 20 years so my former employer paid for my new car and paid off a few bills.  Thanks!

Three years on, I’m now working for a publishing house in Christchurch but along the way I worked manhandling bags and loaded aircraft for Air New Zealand. It was an honest days work with a great bunch of people who (mostly) weren’t up their own arses and full of themselves.

Not to bore you to death but my writing has appeared in the The Press newspaper, Fairfax New Zealand’s nationwide website stuff.co.nz, the Sydney Morning Herald, Gamefreaks magazine, Game Console magazine, Hyper magazine (Australia), PC World (New Zealand), Tone magazine and gaming website Gameplanet. I also used to write a popular  video-game centric blog Game Junkie on stuff.co.nz  until Fairfax NZ decided it didn’t want to start paying me to write it (I’d done it for six years unpaid although it wasn’t part of my regular day job).

I’ve attended E3 three times (2005, 2009, 2010), the Tokyo Game Show once (2008) and interviewed such gaming lumineries as Joseph Tung, from  Bungie, Bruce Shelley from Ensemble Studios, two guys from Sony Santa Monica (sorry, I’ve forgotten their names), a guy from the Creative Assembly (I’ve forgotten his name, too) and Peter Molyneux, from Lionhead, twice. I feel blessed to be writing about something that I love and plan to do it for as long as I can (or my wife tells me it’s time to grow up).

Another interesting fact is that I remember when I used to load games on my ZX Spectrum computer using a tape recorder! Yes, I’m that old but I’m not really as old as you think.

I used to do a weekly video game segment on KiwiFM with radio announcer, Glenn “Wammo” Williams where we discuss all aspects of video games and game-related hardware – but he buggered off to London to live so that put paid to that. In my spare time I like to go walking in the rain, drinking pina coladas … oh, wait, no I don’t: I like to play with gadgets, spend way too much on Steam games that I’ll probably never play, ride my mountain bike and play video games.

So, thanks for calling by and visiting my site. I really, really appreciate it and I hope you like what you see. I like to think that I bring a fresh approach to things and I don’t tend to do news. There are enough video game sites/blogs doing daily news round ups. I like to do long reviews and [when I have time] feature length pieces.

So, hang around, have a good read and if you like – and I hope you do – comment, subscribe  and come back for more. I try to update at least every couple of days.  Don’t go changing.

One thing: I don’t do press releases here. If you’re a game company, sure, feel free to email them through to me but chances are I won’t run it verbatim. That’s just not what I do. I like to think I create original, thought-provoking pieces. I might run a press release from time to time if I think it’s got something worthwhile in it but generally, I don’t regurgitate press releases.

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. We also had a ZX Spectrum which used tapes. I learnt all the words to “Feed the World” through one of those tapes. Can’t remember what the game was but I did think it was pretty darn cool that you could load a game AND listen to a song at the same time.

  2. Hey – long time reader! When you were writing at Stuff did you feature a blog post about some software guys sent in that was like a little joke auto game junkie blog writer? I just had a flashback to something like that. I couldn’t anything when I went searching – do you have a link to that at all?

  3. Thanks, mate. I wish I was still writing for Stuff – but it’s blog management refused to start paying me to write the blog after I left Fairfax last August. Thanks for reading.

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