Stealth in the dark: Agent 47 Absolution trailer

Here’s the latest trailer and a new screen shot from IO Interactive’s Hitman: Absolution.

It’s got everything you would want in an assassination trailer, to be honest: lots of shadows, blurry movment, muffled voices, takedowns, smashed objects, glimpses of a firearm – and partial nudity (don’t tell me you didn’t notice the woman taking the shower? It was the first thing you saw, I bet). So it might be Safe for Work, it might not be: depends on your work, I suppose.

If  I’m being completly honest, I’m pretty amped about this next game in the Hitman series as I loved Blood Money to bits. Not literally, but I loved playing it to bits, I mean. It would seem a bit weird loving a video game to bits wouldn’t it?

Anyway, the game’s out on several platforms next year, I believe. Watch the trailer (several times if you want, I don’t mind. I only looked at it once, though: I’m at work), look at the screen shot. Start the countdown for the game. I hope it’s good. I’ll be gutted if it isn’t.




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