Game Junkie chew the fat with Radio Wammo: the Age of Empires edition

A thousands apologies: it’s been a long time between drinks between the last Game Junkie blog post.

Things just seem to have got on top of me lately, what with work stuff, family stuff and heading to sunny  Nelson over the weekend – but that’s no excuse.

Today on the Radio Wammo breakfast with Glenn “Wammo” Williams we discussed Microsoft’s Age of Empires Online, a new entrant into the real-time strategy genre that brings a new twist on monetisation: it’s free to play but you can buy new civilisations for the game as well as items for your capital city.

OK, that’s enough from me. I’m off to play some Battlefield 2 multiplayer now. That’s two nights in a row I’ve done some multiplayer games: I played Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood last night, too.

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