Game Junkie chats with Radio Wammo: the games are coming edition

Good evening to you all.

On today’s gaming chat on Kiwi FM with the fine chap that is called Glenn “Wammo” Williams we did a bit of a round-up of some of the games coming out over the next few months. It’s going to be hard on many gamers wallets, I can tell you. There are also a lot of games coming out before Christmas with the number 3 in them.

I mentioned games like Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Skyrim and Gears of War 3 but just now realised I forgot to mention one of the games I’m excited about the most: Batman Arkham City. How could I forget that one? Alzheimer’s maybe?

Xbox 360 meet Samsung monitor

Tonight, I hooked up my Xbox 360 to my Samsung 22-inch monitor so I could play Deus Ex Human Revolution while my wife watched the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice. I’ve done it before in the past but thought I’d do it more regularly at the moment given how many games are starting to pile up on my computer desk calling out for me to review them.

Everything worked well – I’ve connected the 360 to the monitor using the DVI connection – but I bought the wrong audio connection (one of those Y-cables with a read and white RCA connection on one end then a 3.5mm connection at the other) as I should have got one with two male/one female connection (to connect my speaker connection to) but got one with three male connection. Doh! I’ll look out for another cable on the weekend as I’d like to be able to connect my headphones to my speakers so I can actually have the volume turned up!

It felt good playing games while the girls watched the evening soaps.

Resistance 3: not like Resistance 2 – and that’s a good thing

I’m playing through Resistance 3 (PlayStation 3)  as well and despite only having played a small amount I’m already liking it more than Resistance 2, which to be honest I didn’t really like that much. It plays a lot like Resistance Fall of Man, which I liked a lot, and I like that R3 has bucked the trend of current FPS games and doesn’t have recharging shields for the game’s hero, dishonoured soldier Joe Capelli. Want more health? Find a health pack and use it.

Those of you who have played Resistance 2 will know about Capelli: he was on the same squad as Nathan Hale. If you finished R2 you’ll know what Capelli did and what happened to Hale.

So far I haven’t come across any weapons that haven’t featured in previous Resistance games: the magnum is a personal favourite, especially with its explosive secondary fire, and the auger, which lets you shoot through solid objects without losing the line of sight, is great as well. I’ll play some more this week and give a verdict later on. I hear there is a particularly creepy section involving riding down a dark river on a boat. Creepy …

That’s me for the week. Deus Ex Human Revolution and Resistance 3. Although, Driver San Francisco just arrived today and I hear it’s pretty good. I’d better find some time for that this week as well.

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