Well Played podcast: the Gears of War edition

The latest edition of the Well Played podcast is up with the usual crew: me (obviously), Julie Grey (@GamecultureNZ), Siobhan Keogh (@SiobhanKeoghNZ), Aylon Herbet (@Aylon133) and Chris Leggett (@Leggetron) and last week one of the games we talked about was Epic’s Gears of War 3, which is pretty good actually! (Actually, it’s bloody good and the best Gears yet).

Chris and I also talked about Xbox Kinect game The Gunslinger, which is from the makers of The Maw and ‘Splosion Man. It’s a game where you control a puppet called the Gunslinger, who is a skeletal cowboy on the hunt for the posse that left him for dead. We liked it but it seems to getting a little flack for not-so good controls, but I think it controls well.

I also talked a little about my trip to Sydney last week where I got hands on with Modern Warfare 3’s new multiplayer modes and spoke to Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling. I’ll post that interview up soon when I’ve got it finished.

Have a listen and leave a comment.

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