Listen up: audio interview with Turn 10’s John Wendl about all things Forza 4

Thanks to the mighty helpful Glenn “Wammo” Williams, who kindly offered to record my interview with Turn 10’s John Wendl, content director on Forza Motorsport 4 (I think Glenn was lurking during my conference call but all praise to him and his professional recording equipment), you can now listen to my lovely nasal tones as I ask various questions of Wendl, including utilising Kinect in the game, Forza 4’s darn neat Autovista mode and how they they managed to get Top Gear involved.

I haven’t listened through the whole thing –  I think it goes pretty well, apart from some rather long questions that get a little confusing – just don’t get distracted by my nasal tones.

I also discovered Soundcloud today which lets me upload audio files and embed a lovely looking player, like the one below.

Just press the play button. Go on, you know you want to (it’s 27mins long so make sure you’ve got some time).

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