Nightwing to make an appearance in Batman Arkham City

As much as I love Batman (greatest super hero ever, don’t you know?) my knowledge about Dick Grayson and Nightwing is pretty abysmall. In fact, it’s pretty much nonexistent.

From what I understand (comic afficionadoes correct me if I’m wrong), Dick Grayson becomes crime fighter Nightwing sometime in his early 20s.

Incidentally,  an episode of The Big Bang Theory that ran here on Wednesday night (a repeat, of course) saw Sheldon and Howard playing tug-of-war over a Batman comic book that mentioned Nightwing. I can’t remember much more about the episode but as soon as I saw this trailer for the Nightwing DLC for Arkham City I remembered the show.

Anyway, the Nightwing Bundle will set you back 560 Microsoft points or $AU11.45 off the PlayStation network (why on earth a press release to New Zealand gaming media didn’t have an Australian to New Zealand conversion is beyond me but I’d say it’s close to $15, depending on the current exchange rate.)

Nightwing will be playable in all Arkham City’s challenge maps, and the DLC adds two new challenge maps – Wayne Manor and Main Hall – and offers a Nightwing character skin based on the animated series. The DLC will be available on November 2.

Talking of Arkham City, I’m still working my way through the main game – I’m pretty sure I’m just about finished – and am about to take on Joker and his thugs once again. This time in the steel mill and there’s him, his thugs, one of those one armed dudes that swings a hammer – oh, and a bloody titan to make things interesting. I smell the finale very close but time will be short this weekend (and I’ve got several stories, interviews and reviews to write up).

I’ve deviated from the main story a little, just to complete more side missions (blowing up the titan silos for Bane, trying to track down Oneshot) and perhaps the best boss fight so far has been the one against Victor Fries (Mr Freeze). It required quite a bit of creativity to bring him down.

1 thought on “Nightwing to make an appearance in Batman Arkham City

  1. The Mr Freeze fight was quite a challenging one. I also found the one you are currently on challenging as well! I was playing through on hard.

    I was also doing side missions throughout but then decided to do them at the end after unlocking all of the gadgets etc.

    I find the issue with the two games so far is that the stories are relatively short. Although this game has been better with the help of relevant side missions making the story seem that much longer.

    One thing I don’t like is the combat challenges where I struggle to get the 3 medals for each mission (in fact I struggle to even get 2).

    I was happy to see that even though I finished the main story I was still only 53% through the overall game.

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