The Tuesday chat: we speak PS Vita and Tim Schafer’s crowd-sourced initiative

If you watch today’s segment with Glenn “Wammo” Williams and I sound a bit clearer and crisper than usual it’s because I was trialing a new headset/mic: Turtle Beach’s PX3 wireless headset. I’m pretty sure Glenn said I sounded sexy using the headphones/mic – he’s probably right, but I took it as a compliment!

I’ve been using the PX3 set-up for the past week or so and I’m impressed: they hook up easily to my PC and Xbox 360 using a USB-connected receiver and provide excellent sound, especially when I’m playing a game with the volume turned up and my wife is watching TV in the other room! I’m considering buying myself a set as they’re much more comfortable than my usual Microsoft-branded headset and mic.

Anyway, today on the segment we talked about Sony’s PS Vita, which launches in New Zealand on February 23 but embargoes on the hardware and reviews lifted for journalists today, and we also talked about Tim Schafer’s incredible Kickstarter drive last week to raise funds for his next game. I haven’t checked for a bit but I understand it’s around the $US1.7 million mark already.

One thing: I think I told Wammo the wrong prices for the Vita in NZ: I think I said it was $349 for the Wi-Fi model and $449 for the Wi-Fi/3G. I’ve checked my write up from today (which I’ll post later) and the price is actually $449 for the Wi-Fi model and $549 for the 3G/Wi-Fi. Sorry about that.

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