Where I talk about Asura’s Wrath with “Wammo” Williams

It’s Tuesday (or Chewsday as I like to call it sometime when I’m feeling in a particularly good mood), the day that I chat games with Glenn “Wammo” Williams on Kiwi FM.

Today we talked about Asura’s Wrath, an anime-style action game from Capcom that I really, really liked but don’t know whether I’d want to pay full price for how much game  play there is: essentially it’s a little bit of combat during each episode and a fair amount of quick time events (where you have to press the right button at the right time, or move the thumb sticks in the right direction, at the right time) when you’re about to finish off an enemy. I’d rent it: no problem but would I pay full price for it? Probably not.

I enjoyed the story a lot: Asura, a great super being, is framed by some other great super beings for the murder of the Emperor.  His wife is murdered and his young daughter captured by one of the super beings, Deus, and Asura is banished. Naturally, Asura gets really, really angry (he shouts a lot) and goes on a rampage, exacting his revenge against the other great super beings. Along the way he’ll face off against deities that are bigger than a planet, fight on the moon (yes, the moon) and get skewered by a sword  that stretches all the way to Earth. It’s pretty impressive, actually, and each confrontation is done like an episode of an anime TV show, with “To be continued” at the end of each episode and a brief preview of the following one.

I talk about a few more things in the review and ultimately, while it’s not up to me to tell people whether they should spend their money on a game or not, I can just tell them whether I think it’s worth it or not. I think Asura’s Wrath is a great game but I’m just not sure it’s worth $NZ120 for the number of hours it’ll take to finish the main story (that said, people pay $120+ for games like Modern Warfare 3, and Asura’s Wrath was more fun that MW3 so, maybe I’m talking out of my arse and will shut up now.)

*Adding to that: when you finish the game there’s a hidden ending that you can unlock if you play through the game again, getting a better score card for each section. That might make it more worthwhile to people. You be the judge.

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