The Tuesday usual: chatting with Radio Wammo

Now that it’s getting autumnal for us here in New Zealand (my son things that’s a great word: autumnal. He used the phrase autumnal leaves in a school essay) what better way than to spend a cool autumn evening than listening to me and Kiwi FM radio announcer Glenn “Wammo” Williams talking games, games and more games.

Today on is Radio Wammo breakfast we discuss the rumours surrounding the PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis, chat about Angry Birds working on taking over the world (hold on: hasn’t it already taken over the world?) and briefly touch upon Kinect Star Wars, which embargoes lift for at midnight tonight, NZ time.

Grab a warm toddy, put on your slippers, pull up the rug and turn up the volume. That’s how I watch me on Radio Wammo.

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