Watch Dogs game play trailer

We like videos here at Game Junkie 2.0: It means we don’t have to concentrate so hard and just have to look at the pretty moving pictures.

Watch Dogs, from Ubisoft, is looking to be pretty good – it has a real Person of Interest TV show vibe to it (Person of Interest is a TV show about a computer network that can predict crime before it happens and the two guys out to stop those crimes) – but, of course, I’ll wait to pass judgement  on it when I eventually play it (and it could be some time before I play it as I expect Grand Theft Auto V to suck up a lot of my free time).

Any way, here’s a 14-minute game play trailer from Ubisoft that shows how protagonist Aidan Pierce can hack just about anything around him to gain access to things. Watch Dogs (I refuse to do the underscore between the two words) is either going to be an amazing game or it’ll be a run-of-the-mill third-person game that’ll be swallowed up in the wake of GTAV.

Hmmmm, I wonder if GTAV will be so big that we’ll start talking about games as “post-GTAV”?

Time will tell I guess. Let me know what you think of the video.

6 thoughts on “Watch Dogs game play trailer

  1. (comment since coming from Stuff blog btw)
    Will watch trailer soon, but have to say that I am jealous of you getting time to play GTA V early. Is it going to be the last great game of this console generation? I just don’t have time to play it!

  2. I remember confusing Watch Dogs with Sleeping Dogs. Not the game I was expecting, but good still lol.

    This is on my next game list. Not sure about GTA5 as yet.

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