Game JunkieNZ unboxes an Xbox One

OK, I’m trying something new here at Game JunkieNZ: videos.

I haven’t done a lot of videos in the past – and this is the first unboxing video I’ve ever done – but I thought I’d test the waters with it and see what the feedback was like.

The editing is a little rough near the end and the camera angles perhaps not quite right but I thought I’d post it and see whether videos were something people wanted to see more of. It was filmed by Game Junkie junior using my Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone but I’ve got a Flip HD camera lying around the house somewhere and I’d rather use that.

If you like it and want to see more, I’ll do more. If you thought it was lame, I’ll go and cry in a corner but won’t do any more.

Let me know what you think: Are videos something you’d like to see more of on the site, be it to camera pieces or game play footage (although if it was game play I’d have to work out a way to connect my Kaiser Baas Game Recorder to the Xbox One as I think it’s HDMI-only, unlike the Xbox 360 which let you plug an adapter in so you could use red/white/yellow connectors).

Anyway, let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Game JunkieNZ unboxes an Xbox One

    • Makes a nice change. However, I wouldn’t want to see it replace your written reviews. Do you need your Kaiser Baas Game Recorder? Not that I’ve played with it, but doesn’t the Xbox One have a built in game recorder?

      • Hi, James. Thanks for the comments. I’m not planning on the videos replacing my written reviews: The written word is where my strengths lie. Yeah, the Xbox One does have a Game DVR function that records clips and I think it can be used to record game clips that you can add voice-overs to. I’ll check it out.

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