Logitech G Pro gaming mouse: FPS weapon

Logitech G Pro gaming mouse ($70)

I’m mesmerised by the light show that displays on the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse.

Seriously, I am: The mouse has LEDs around its mid-point and in its big G log that change colour from green, to light blue, to dark blue to yellow to green to pink to violet.

Light show aside, there’s more to the G Pro gaming mouse than in impressive light show: It’s a bloody good mouse for fans of low-profile and lightweight mouses (mice?).

With six buttons (left click, right click, a clickable scroll wheel, two thumb buttons on the left side and a DPI (dots per inch sensitivity) button behind the scroll wheel) and weighing in at 85 grams, the G Pro gaming mouse isn’t cluttered with options but the buttons all feel responsive, with a nice feel to them. This is one of the nicest gaming  mice I’ve used in a long, long time.

It really does feel nice in the hand and the braided mouse cable just gives it a classy look. Testing the mouse on Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: The New Order (which I only started playing over the weekend after finding it for sale on Steam) and early access game Astroneer, the mouse didn’t miss a beat. It really is a solid, gaming performer. I like it. A lot.

The DPI button lets you switch between 200 and 12,000 DPI and if you download and install Logitech’s Gaming Software, you can customise the lighting and button configurations as well as using default configurations for a variety of games. The software will search your system for installed games and assign a set up, if appropriate. That’s just amazing.

In terms of colours, Logitech says there is something like 16.8 million colour combinations but I’ll take its word for it: I’m not selecting them all to find out.

While aimed at the e-sports gaming market, Logitech’s G Pro gaming mouse is a robust, high-performing mouse that will perform superbly no matter what game you throw at it. I’m impressed.


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