The Tuesday Usual: Game Junkie chews the fat with Radio Wammo

Today’s Tuesday, so that mean, as it has done just about every Tuesday for the past two years (has it really been two years? Really?), I talk games and games-related stuff with Kiwi FM’s resident tech overlord and the most connected guy I know, Glenn “Wammo” Williams.

This week, though, rather than review a specific game we chatted about the hubbub surround the launch of Duke Nukem Forever where a PR guy handling public relations duties for 2K spouted off on Twitter a little too much. He got the sack from the 2K account as a result.

We also talked a little about whether DNF fitted into the modern generation of gaming anymore. but anyway, I couldn’t talk about the game as I still don’t have a copy yet – but interestingly, ¬†there were developments on that today.

2K’s man in Australia emailed today asking if I’d received the copy of DNF he’d sent over. I said I hadn’t but had send the signed NDA back almost two weeks ago. I joked that I thought I’d been blacklisted because I hadn’t got a copy. He has replied to my email. Maybe that is a bad sign.

So enjoy the video. No doubt, as usual I’ll ramble something shocking and go off topic and sound like a blithering idiot. I’ve long said I have a gift for words but not a voice for radio. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Me? I’m off to play some Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on my 3DS tonight while the missus watches Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. I think OoT 3D sounds like the better proposition, don’t you?

UPDATE: After watching the video again, I’ve decided I need to make my background more gamey as it looks decidingly middle-income surburbia and very un-man cave and game room. Any suggestions?

First impressions of L.A. Noire with Radio Wammo

Yep, it’s that time of the week again, where I discuss games with Glenn “Wammo” Williams at Kiwi FM.

This morning we chewed the fat about L.A. Noire, Rockstar’s latest game that uses a revolutionary head-scanning technique to give credible performances from the in-game actors. It’s pretty impressive, actually.

I’m only about an hour and a 1/4 into the game but I’m enjoying it so far, even if the first hour was a little formulaic and predictable. I think now that my character, cop Cole Phelps is now a detective, thinks will start to pick up and get interesting.

Enjoy. Oh, I saw Duke Nukem Forever and The Darkness 2 yesterday afternoon – I was in Auckland for a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 thing and an appointment with 2K came available. I’ll post on what I thought of those two games either tonight or tomorrow, but I think I like the look of The Darkness 2 more than Duke Nukem Forever.