I have to say that I haven’t really paid much attention to SquareEnix’s game Murdered Soul Suspect until my teenage son – who is likely too young to play the game (I’m not sure what the rating will be) – told me about it after watching a trailer for it.

Murdered Soul Suspect tells the tale of murdered Salem police detective Ryan O’Connor who is caught in a purgatorial world called Dusk and must use his detective skills to find the link between his death and the deaths happening in Salem.

BandaiNamco Game’s PR person in Australia sent through an extended trailer the other day and after my son told me about the game, I hunted it down. ┬áThe game has a real Alan Wake feel to it, with its supernatural vibe, which I think is a good thing as I enjoyed Alan Wake (mostly). I’m also interested despite the fact that I generally freak out about scary games!

Let me know in the comments section what your thoughts are on the trailer.

Murdered Soul Suspect is out in our region on June 5 on Xbox One and Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and PC.