Well Played podcast: where I ramble a bit about games I’ve been playing

In an effort to spread the influence of me around the ethersphere (not sure if that’s a word), over the weekend I took part in the Well Played podcast, a gaming audio tour de force featuring four other New Zealand gaming journalists – NZ Gamer’s Aylon Herbet, Game Culture’s  Julie Gray, Siobhan Keogh and former Game Console editor Chris Leggett – where we discuss all things pertinent in the gaming universe, with an New Zealand accent.

Topics discussed this week included  Thatgamecompany’s new PlayStation 3 game Journey,  which is in public beta at the moment and really is delightful, I talk about my time with Shadows of The Damned, Alice: Madness Returns and Kinect-enabled Child of Eden, we ask whether a good game is good enough these days and there are some gaming gripes at the end. I didn’t really have a gripe: I just complained about my poor internet connection.

This was my third attempt to join with the podcast after technical difficulties thwarted the previous two tries but all went well this time – although I’m sure I ramble a lot. In fact, I’m sure I ramble a lot – and my nasally voice will soon get on your nerves as it does on mine. For some reason, recording equipment always manages to  pick up the part of my voice I hate the most.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.