I just spoke to Peter Molyneux, so there

Peter Molyneux: before he made Fable, he made those great games like Syndicate and Populus.

Just this minute I got off the phone to British gaming designer Peter Molyneux. Really, I did.

Sure I’ve spoken to him before (twice before actually: once in Japan in 2008 and again last year at E3 – but who’s counting) but every time it’s a pleasure. He’s such a friendly, approachable chap  who isn’t afraid to say what he feels, even if it makes PR people squirm and fidget.

It was especially nice that this time it was just me during the interview – oh and the two PR people (one in New Zealand and one back in Britain. I could hear the British PR guy in the background telling Molyneux that time was up and that was the last question).

I recorded the interview on my shiny new Sony dictaphone so now I have the arduous task of actually having to play it back, listening intently, then write down every single word of it, then craft those words into a story  – and I’ve got to have it to the editor of the magazine that it’s running in by next Monday. That’s only five days away. Yikes!

Some things he told me: he’s working on “lots of new stuff” that he’s not allowed to talk about, that he’s been told by PR people that he’s not allowed to talk about Milo, that he drives PR people insane, and that he almost crashed his car the other day because he got distracted after seeing a squirrel bouncing around!

There’s loads of other stuff but you don’t think I’d be silly enough to tell anything else before the feature story is published, do you?

Of course you didn’t!

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