Where I discuss Portal 2 with Glenn “Wammo” Williams

Right, here’s the latest gaming segment with good guy Glenn “Wammo” Williams from the Radio Wammo Breakfast at Kiwi FM, which we recorded on Tuesday.

The eagle-eyed among you who regularly tune into the segment will notice that this week I’m restricted to audio only, not video as normal  – and pathetic audio via a landline phone at that too!

Ironically for a tech-related segment, my internet decided to shit itself a few moments before I was due to connect with Wammo over Skype, dropping our connection. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to reboot my PC to restart Skype, so Wammo used old technology and his digits to phone me on the landline.

Hopefully things will settle down and my internet will behave itself for the next time I speak with Wammo. Hear that internet? Behave.

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