The Chewsday usual: Game Junkie chews the fat with Radio Wammo

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means? If you guessed Taco Tuesday, wrong (although I’m sure it’s Taco Tuesday somewhere in the world) – it’s actually the day that I chat games and the games industry with Glenn “Wammo” Williams on his Kiwi FM breakfast slot.

This morning we chatted about the state of Nintendo at the moment, given that from August 12, the company is dropping the price of its barely born 3DS handheld console from $450 to $343. That’s more than $100. Nintendo must be hurting at the moment.

We also surmised – and probably rightly so – that dedicated handhelds like the 3DS  are feeling the pressure from the smartphone/mobile games market, especially given the low price point of many mobile games.

As usual, listen to the podcast, ponder what’s said and if you’re so inclined, leave a comment. Not many people know this but I read every comment that I get. I don’t have staff to read them. I read them personally. Sometimes I even reply to them (actually, I reply to all comments).

So, yeah, comment!

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