Tuesday usual: Chatting with Radio Wammo about Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

Sorry about the long time between posts but I’m going to make a concerted effort now to make sure I keep the post count up and worthy of your time.

OK, today with Glenn “Wammo” Williams we chatted about the new re-imagined Halo, the game that essentially launched the original Xbox console way back in 2001.

I remember playing the original Halo way back in the day and I didn’t think I’d be keen on replaying through a better looking version, but I’ve been proven wrong: I’m slowly making my way through the campaign and realise what a great game it was all those years ago. How much had I forgotten? Well, I managed to forget where the heck the control switch was to activate the first bridge!

Check out the video: oh, and if near the end you see a pair of black trackpants suddenly appear in the sliding door behind me, don’t fret: it’s not a burglar trying to break in, but my daughter who was home deciding she’d try to come into the house using that door. She’s not there for long – but it’s a bit of a distraction!

Look out for an interview with Halo CE Anniversary’s executive producer Dan Ayoub later tonight or tomorrow. I promise.

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