We talk Syndicate and Xcom: Enemy Unknown

Jeepers, two videos in one post: what the hell is wrong with me? Seriously, though: two videos in one post. That’s pretty good on my part.

Today was the first video game slot for 2012 with Kiwi FM’s Glenn “Wammo” Williams.  We talked about games, as we do.

The games of choice today were remakes of the 1990s games Syndicate, which was first made by Peter Molyneux’s Bullfrog Productions company back in the day, and Xcom Enemy Unknown, a tactical strategy game not to be confused with the first person shooter Xcom game also in the works.

I’m sure I ramble sometimes and get off topic but it’s sure to make entertaining listening. Oh, as an added bonus, I sort of spring on Wammo that Trials Evolution, the sequel to Trials HD, one of our favourite games on XBLA where Wammo, I and some other Xbox mates tried to outdo each others scores .

Trials HD is a great game but I agree with Wammo that the difficulty spike on some of the later courses is so brutal that we both gave up.

Trials Evolution, which seems jammed packed with features, also allows for competitive multiplayer, so you can race against your mates and really show them who’s boss.

Here’s a trailer of it in action. It looks pretty neat.

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