GTAV, you had me at hello

With this one video, Rockstar did enough to get me to sit up and take notice of GTAV, a game that I was interested in but now, woah, I’m seeing it as perhaps the best entrant in the series and one of the year’s best AAA titles.

Watch the video and you’ll see how Rockstar have taken what was good about San Andreas – in my opinion the best game in the series so far – and put it into a narrative involving three separate characters – Michael, Franklin and Trevor – that looks like it’ll be one helluva ride. My favourite Rockstar game is Red Dead Redemption (I’m still bummed that it’s not available on PC) but will GTAV be better than RDR? Time will tell, time will tell …

I’m sold, Rockstar. I’m sold. Take my money now.

3 thoughts on “GTAV, you had me at hello

  1. Isn’t that contradictory against your stuff blog on franchises?

    I seem to always get excited about grand theft auto games, end up buying them and then very quickly get bored with it. I don’t think I have actually finished one yet! All the missions seen to start becoming the same. I didn’t get to this stage with RDR which is interesting.

    All said and done i will probably end up buying this grand theft auto as well!

  2. I don’t know about other Grand Theft Auto fans, but demos, trailer videos as well as sample screenshots only make me crave more for GTA V. I just can’t wait to get my hands on this game, but am glad though that the official launch date is getting closer each day.

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