How two trailers have changed my mind (slightly) about MP games

I played the Destiny beta and enjoyed it but I didn’t enjoy it that much that I’m going to rush out on launch day and buy it (I like online gaming but if push came to shove, I’m more of a narrative-driven kind of guy – and Destiny’s story campaign doesn’t seem that good) but damn, this live action trailer Activision sent through is something else.

Watch it and tell me you’re not impressed? 

But is it so good that it’s convinced me to perhaps buy it at some point? Probably not but my interest is more for the game than it was a few weeks ago.

And sticking with Activision: I wasn’t that interested in COD: Advanced Warfare but after being hounded into watching game play by my COD-playing teenage son, I’m actually considering buying it (considering it: Not definitely buying it) but the latest trailer has me thinking that the multiplayer actually looks pretty good this time around.

Here, take a looksie:  

So much exoskeletons. So much jumping. So much explosions. So much future war stuff.

But then, I don’t really go for online games first and foremost, do I, so the chances of me picking Advanced Warfare up solely for MP is  unlikely but, still, who knows what will happen?


4 thoughts on “How two trailers have changed my mind (slightly) about MP games

  1. CoD’s multiplayer is the most generic thing ever. I think there’s an assumption that ppl get CoD for it’s mplayer but I wouldn’t be surprised if actually a large percentage bought it simply for the cinematic single player like myself. Activision must know this to put the massive budget required for the campaign.

    I only bother with multiplayer when I’m really into a particular game and want to experience more of that universe. Any other game I’m playing that’s just ok with tacked on multiplayer – meh.

    Your probably referring more to competitive mplayer vs cooperative right? Competitive mplayer (like Deathmatch etc) has always had a high learning curve and turns alot of players off. But I reckon mplayer is really in it’s element when in cooperative or swarm based coop. We seem to be seeing alot more of this with the likes of Evolve and others coming out and this is how multiplayer should be measured experienced 🙂

  2. I’ve only play the orginal CoD back when it was more single player. The modern versions don’t interest me much.

    So ironically I am now playing Destiny. Initial thoughts from a few hours of time (only level 6):
    I am enjoying the experience thus far, but I am struggling to see where all the money went (advertising?) as it really is a fairly generic shooter game with a bit of RPG thrown in. Pretty to look at and handles well but still a shooter. Plot is unmemorable and there could be better ways to engage with the other “guardians” who are wandering the landscape as well.
    It may be that like Diablo 3 this turns into some great, once some updates come around – but also people may have left the game by then – the keen players are already max level.

    So play it -yes. Wait for it to be cheaper first – yes

  3. I may actually pick up Destiny at some point. Probably not right now, but who knows? In a few months time I might get. There might be hope for me to join your fire team at some point 🙂

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