Shit, COD Advanced Warfare, you’re impressing the pants off me

Activision have released a new trailer for COD Advanced Warfare and, man, it’s blowing my socks off (and impressing my pants). I haven’t really been interested in a COD game since Modern Warfare 2, which I consider the best of all time.

Anyway, here’s the trailer, called Power Changes Everything, which shows what looks like it’s a little of the campaign but focusses on the game’s exo-skeleton co-op mode, which looks like it’s like Gears of Wars’s Horde mode where you face off against rounds of increasingly tougher enemies.

I note that some online users are moaning about the game mode not having zombies. Even I know that zombies are something that Treyarch bring to the COD table. I’m pleased that Sledgehammer have bought something new.

COD: Advanced Warfare is out in November. If it keeps up the way it is, I might not have any pants left by then: They’ll have been blown to bits!

How two trailers have changed my mind (slightly) about MP games

I played the Destiny beta and enjoyed it but I didn’t enjoy it that much that I’m going to rush out on launch day and buy it (I like online gaming but if push came to shove, I’m more of a narrative-driven kind of guy – and Destiny’s story campaign doesn’t seem that good) but damn, this live action trailer Activision sent through is something else.

Watch it and tell me you’re not impressed? 

But is it so good that it’s convinced me to perhaps buy it at some point? Probably not but my interest is more for the game than it was a few weeks ago.

And sticking with Activision: I wasn’t that interested in COD: Advanced Warfare but after being hounded into watching game play by my COD-playing teenage son, I’m actually considering buying it (considering it: Not definitely buying it) but the latest trailer has me thinking that the multiplayer actually looks pretty good this time around.

Here, take a looksie:  

So much exoskeletons. So much jumping. So much explosions. So much future war stuff.

But then, I don’t really go for online games first and foremost, do I, so the chances of me picking Advanced Warfare up solely for MP is  unlikely but, still, who knows what will happen?