Tuesday usual: chatting games with Radio Wammo

It’s Tuesday – and that means I chat games with Glenn “Wammo” Williams on the Kiwi FM breakfast but if today’s segment sounded as if the Skype called dropped out at the end of a sentence that’s because it did.

I’m trialing a Dell XPS 14z laptop at the moment  and decided to do our conversation using a wi-fi connection over that. Bad mistake. As I chatted to Glenn I could see the call quality bars starting to drop from green (good quality) to orange (not so good quality) until it eventually dropped out alltogether and we lost the call. Next week I’ll go back to using a wired connection.

Anyway, in today’s segment we talked about rumours of Kinect 2 floating around the interwebs. Have a listen.Let me know what you think.

On the wireless: Game Junkie chats with Radio Wammo

Today is Tuesday.  All day.

Tuesday means my regular gaming segment with Glenn “Wammo” Williams on the Radio Wammo breakfast on Kiwi FM (although sometimes when I’m away or Glenn is away we do the segment on a Wednesday or sometimes a Thursday. We like to mix it up).

Although I’ve strongly argued that I don’t have a face for TV or a voice for radio, which is  part of the reason why I love working for print and online (plus I’ve heard myself during playback of interviews and it ain’t pretty), Wammo has, for a while, streamed all his content online using Skype. So, unfortunately,  not only do you have to put up with my voice when you listen to the Radio Wammo segment with me, you also have to see my mug in action.

Today, we chatted about the Gears of War 3 beta, which finished up yesterday. I played a bit of it. I sucked pretty much but it was fun. When I wasn’t dying or being beaten to death with my own arm, that is.