Dishonored 2 creative kills trailer

I loved Dishonored  (or Dishonoured as it should be spelt where I live).

While it was a game where you could go full noise or creep around, I played it stealthily as much as I could: Creeping along roof tops and ledges, climbing through windows, silently taking out foes, to reach my objective. My teenage son is playing it at the moment and he’s  going all chaos, it seems,  triggering alarms and taking on Dunwall’s military in hand-to-hand combat.

Each to their own, I suppose.

Anyway, Dishonored 2 is out in November and this time you get to play master assassin Corvo Attano, who took the central role in the first game, as well as Emily Kaldwin, who was a little girl in the original game but is now all grown up and Empress of Dunwall.

Things have turned to custard, though, and the throne has been seized by a mad witch named Delilah, and it’s up to Emily and Corvo to travel to the coastal city of Karnaca and get rid of those responsible and reclaim the throne.

The game is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 11 but maybe I should brush up on my assassinating skills before I tackle the streets of Dunwall again, eh?


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